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I got my photo taken!

This was for The Lamron’s article about my role as Station Manager of 89.3 WGSU. Advertisements

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The Geography of Cool

In hanging out and talking travel with friends, it’s become apparent that certain destinations are “cooler” than others. The “coolness hierarchy” is based on a few calculations, including the perceived danger of the travel destination and the degree to which it is far away and culturally different than home. For young American travels, that means Peru is cooler than Mexico, Senegal is cooler than France and Cambodia is cooler than Japan. What, I wonder, is the driving force here? Continue reading

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Spring in Geneseo

A few new pics up on Flickr from a Springtime wandering around campus. A sample:

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A Walk Through Usshertown

“Open your windows, get a taste of our air,” demanded our bus driver as he turned off the air conditioning, forcing us to obey him. To the left of our road was the Atlantic coast, so I assumed the air would be warm and inviting, the kind of tropical air that makes you feel lazy. That wasn’t the case – I nearly choked on a foul mixture of burning trash, human waste and humidity. This wasn’t the fresh, salty Atlantic of my childhood home on Long Island at all. Continue reading

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