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New York is Beautiful

After outings in Harriman State Park and in the Appalachians, I’ve learned that New York is home to some great hiking. Continue reading

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Nat-Geo Offering Tours to Cuba

As a quick follow-up to my post on U.S.-Cuba relations and travel, Nat Geo Expeditions is offering a new 10-day tour of the island nation. Currently, all available dates are booked up solid, but there should be more openings soon. … Continue reading

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Will Iraq Become a Travel Destination?

It was announced today, finally, that all U.S. troops currently serving in Iraq will be heading home by the end of this year. That country must now look to the future to determine what sort of nation it will become. … Continue reading

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How to Manage Traveler’s Anxiety

Ever find yourself standing at a train platform, heart pounding and head spinning because if the bus is more than 2 minutes behind schedule, you’ll miss the 8:17 train, then you’re never gonna make it through security on time to … Continue reading

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Traveling With Technology and the Lost Art of Getting Lost

Personal technology, in more and more forms, is finding its way into many a traveler’s pack. And they should be, they’re important and innovative tools. A smartphone with travel apps can be very useful for figuring out what’s to do in … Continue reading

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More Progress on U.S.-Cuban Relations

In the ongoing trend towards freer travel between the United States and Cuba, two more U.S. airports have made progress towards beginning direct service to Havana. Key West International Airport, located in Florida, has gotten the green-light from U.S. authorities, while … Continue reading

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Japanese Plan Will Use Social Media to Re-Ignite Tourism Industry

In an announcement making waves throughout the online travel community, Japan’s Tourism Agency is planning to offer 10,000 free flights to interested foreigners in an effort to kick-start its faltering tourism sector. Visits to the island nation have plummeted by … Continue reading

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