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Helicopter Rescue Team Uses Google Maps to Locate Flood Victims

Google has been producing “SearchStories” videos to show the unique ways that people use their services to do beneficial work in the world. As a pilot, this recent upload caught my attention. Queensland, Australia-based search and rescue pilot Mark Kempton … Continue reading

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Today Must Be Social Geography Day

Two points of interest in the world of Social Geography today: 1. TweetsMap uses the Twitter API to determine and visually map your followers by country, state/province or city. It’s useful to see your global reach, and it could also be … Continue reading

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Turning An Online Following Into Offline Action

My first feature for Mashable went live this weekend, and it’s not too bad if I don’t say so myself. Enjoy, and thanks to Zachary Green of 140elect for the contribution. How Political Campaigns Can Turn Social Media Support Into Votes

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Is the Internet Simplifying Our Language?

Our language isn’t becoming simpler, it’s evolving to fit a new medium. And the new medium is all about conversation, while yesterday’s English was one way only. Continue reading

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Oregon Experimenting With Voting on iPad. Is this the Future?

If successful, the program could bring us closer to an age of digital voting, where casting your ballot from the convenience of your home is the norm. It would drastically improve our voter participation rate if we didn’t have to get to the local high school gymnasium for every election. Voter error would also decrease with easy-to-read touchscreens displaying candidate choices. Continue reading

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66-year-old Ambassador Uses Facebook, Twitter for Connecting With Locals

Charles A. Ray, U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, has learned the value of social media in helping him perform his job. Never mind the fact that Ray could be speaking to the Internet and say, whimsically, “I remember when you were born.” He’s come up with innovative ways to connect with an digitally-savvy generation of young Zimbabweans, who are increasingly active on the internet via 3G-enabled mobile phones. After all, the core elements of his position are the same as many jobs in social media: outreach, engagement and promotion. Continue reading

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