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China Launches Its Answer to America’s GPS Dominance

Officials at China’s independent satellite navigation system announced Tuesday their GPS alternative is available to the public, reports the BBC. Named Beidou, Chinese for “compass,” the system has been in development for more than a decade. China began work on … Continue reading

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Ending 2011 and Beginning 2012

To say the past year has been a roller-coaster ride isn’t an adequate cliche. It’s been more like I was strapped to a NASA KC-135 Vomit Comet that didn’t ever land, and I’ve been vacillating between enjoying the weightlessness of free-fall and … Continue reading

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Good News Everyone!

I officially start as a full-time reporter with Mashable on Jan. 3rd. I’ll be working in US & World, covering the intersection of technology, social media and politics.

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Why You Need To Be Angry About SOPA

Hey, you! You enjoy using the Internet, right? If you’re like me, you keep up with protests in Tahir Square, Syria and Occupy Wall Street on Twitter, you watch YouTube videos from Russia and keep up with friends around the … Continue reading

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Google Makes Young Girl Cry by Shutting Down Her Account

Rich Warren, a software engineer from Houston, Texas, never imagined his daughter would be brought to tears by Google. Sadly, that’s exactly what Warren claims happened— via a post on Google+ — when Google shut down his daughter’s account Sunday morning, because according … Continue reading

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Russian Protests Sparked and Organized Through Social Media

After video of alleged voter fraud was uploaded online, mass-scale protests against Russian Prime Minister Valdimir Putin in the streets of Moscow have been organized through Twitter, Facebook and the Russian network Vkontakte. These videos have encouraged other Russians to … Continue reading

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The Value of Studying International Relations

Even if one doesn’t end up with a prestigious career in the Foreign Service, the IR major proves consistently useful. Continue reading

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