I’m Growing a Playoff Beard! (It’s for the Kids)

The playoff beard is a time-honored hockey tradition. Once the regular season ends, no player is allowed to even think about touching a razor until they hoist Lord Stanley’s Cup or get knocked out of contention (probably because their beards weren’t manly enough).

This year, I’m growing one, too – even though I’ve only known how to skate for a couple of years and my body would be shattered if a pro hockey player shook my hand, let alone hit me on open ice.

It’s a charity beard for the Garden of Dreams, Madison Square Garden’s non-profit that helps disabled kids learn how to play sports. The fact that it’s all for the kids is probably the only reason my girlfriend’s actually letting me grow my face long, actually.

Here’s day one:

Five days is about how long I’ve ever gone without shaving, so I’ve got no idea how this thing will grow in. The NHL playoffs can stretch into June, meaning I’ve got over a month of potential beard-cultivating time.

If you’d like to donate to my beard (and to the kids, I guess) you can do so right here. My very scratchy face thanks you!

Let’s go Rangers!


About Alex Fitzpatrick

Alex Fitzpatrick is Homepage Editor for Time.com, also covering technology, policy and cybersecurity. He previously covered politics and policy for Mashable. Fitzpatrick has a degree in International Relations from the State University of New York at Geneseo, where he also served as News Director and Station Manager for the campus radio station, 89.3 WGSU. Follow Fitzpatrick on Twitter at @AlexJamesFitz or email him at alex.fitzpatrick@timeinc.com.
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