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Does the Internet Have a Political Ideology?

When Internet users rallied to defend their much-loved network from the dual threats of SOPA and PIPA, Washington took notice. The newly formed Internet Defense League and the hot-off-the-presses Declaration of Internet Freedom have gotten participation from several members of … Continue reading

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Why You Need To Be Angry About SOPA

Hey, you! You enjoy using the Internet, right? If you’re like me, you keep up with protests in Tahir Square, Syria and Occupy Wall Street on Twitter, you watch YouTube videos from Russia and keep up with friends around the … Continue reading

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Helicopter Rescue Team Uses Google Maps to Locate Flood Victims

Google has been producing “SearchStories” videos to show the unique ways that people use their services to do beneficial work in the world. As a pilot, this recent upload caught my attention. Queensland, Australia-based search and rescue pilot Mark Kempton … Continue reading

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